Gerr and Pottz

IMG_0816I'm honored to have been asked to compete this week against one of my biggest rivals, Martin Potter, in the ASP Heritage Heat at the Hurley Pro in San Clemente. Pottz and I have had many clashes over the years, dating back to Huntington Beach when I was just 17. We've been friends laughing and travelling together, and at other times we've been fierce enemies and almost come to blows. One rowdy night in Newcastle years after he and I quit the tour, we ended up arm in arm after some drinks, talking about how much we hated each other, but how it drove us to become better surfers. It's funny how when you're young and immature you think you'll hate somebody forever, but years later you end up loving that guy and realizing without him there to challenge you, you might’ve never been as good… My only hope is that Pottz has been training for this heat. Because while the hate may be gone, I still plan to tear him to shreds at Lowers. – Brad Gerlach