Monthly Archives: April 2013

Scotty Stopnik – What We Ride

Scotty Stopnik walks us through his 3 board quiver. He has a noserider that can turn, a groveler that isn’t taking it “too far”, and a fast red board.

Greg Long – What We Ride

Greg Long talks about how important it is for him to be familiar with his equipment and how he fine tunes his guns little by little.

Sterling Spencer

Sterling Spencer stopped by  to pick up some boards yesterday.  We’re hoping he surfs them instead making an indy art project with them.

Mitch A. – What We Ride

Captain Mitch Abshere speaks to us about his 10′ C-Hag that he stole from Mikey “Del Taco” and how he’d rather ride a 5’2″ Ocean Racer instead of any board in the 6′ range.