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7’3″ for Kit

Here's an email from Kit up in SF / Ocean Beach that I wanted to share.

Way overdue, but here are a couple pics of the 7'3" single fin. Rode it today in double overhead beachbreak conditions. Amazing on the entry, built speed off the drop, held the perfect line, and threaded through several barrels. Super stoked. If I can scrounge up some surf shots, I will pass them your way. We had an A+ day up here, and the 7'3" worked like magic. The bigger the wave, the better the board responded. Something so pure about a bottom turn from a single fin into the tube….. It doesn't get any sweeter.
Many thanks!


Brad somewhere cold. Photos: Jake Burghart


Here're some random photos for you.

outside at todos

lobster season

gun season

mikey on a beausoleil