5’8″ Skip Frye Twin Keel

This is my 5'8" Skip Frye fish. This was the first board that I ever ordered from someone else since I started shaping boards.  I got this board in either 95 or 96. It changed my approach on my shaping and surfing.  After the first time I saw Tom Curren's part at Jefferys Bay in "Searching for Tom Curren" I wanted one.  The way that board plained and the speed it got blew my mind.   I stopped by Skip's old shop Harry's in Pacific Beach and I asked him if I could order one.  Once I got it I didn't ride any other board for probably two months.  The next time I saw him he told me that my board was probably the 8th one he'd made at that point in the 90's. It was way before the whole fish craze exploded.  He had only really made those boards for Derek Hynd.  That one Curren was riding at J Bay was actually one of Derek's.   With Skip's encouragement and blessing I began making my own take on that board.