Monthly Archives: January 2011

Plate Lunch

I always look forward to grabbing a plate lunch when I'm in Hawaii.  HK's is my spot, and Rainbow Drive In is a close 2nd.  As much as I love a good plate lunch this nerd takes it too far.


Mark Mathews


Here's a shot of Australian Mark Mathews riding a 10' gun I shaped him.  Mark is an alternate for the Eddie this year.  Some of us are thinking they should have ran it.

Big but not consistent

Forgive the cheesy music, but here's a look at what the waves were like on Thursday.  The surf was big enough, but not consistent enough.



Rusty Long and his new 9'2 for this weeks swell. Rusty is on the alternate list for the Eddie which could happen Thursday. He is in the Mavericks contest as well which could happen this Saturday. Good luck Rusty!!

Nicaragua December 2010


I went on a trip with Mikey down to Nicaragua this past December for his upcoming project SIGHT I SOUND.  Everyone was surfing the right, so I had the left all to myself.