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Tow Time


These 2 tow boards are for Greg Long and Twiggy. Greg just tested out the green one a few weeks back at Cortes bank and he claimed it was the best tow board he had ever had. The basic dimensions are 6'0 17 1/4 x 1  7/8 weighing approximately 30lbs. I build a variety of tow and step off boards for waves of all stature.


December 7, 2009


Exactly a year ago today.


San Clemente's Greg Long wins Eddie Aikau big-wave contest in epic Waimea surf

from the LA TIMES

San Clemente's Greg Long, who has emerged in recent years as the world's premier big-wave surfer, added another major accomplishment to his resume by winning the prestigious Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau contest Tuesday at Waimea Bay on Oahu's North Shore.

With enormous waves pumping in from the north, Long survived a nearly sheer drop down one of the larger set waves late in the event's final heat. Judges scored the ride a perfect 100, which helped propel Long past Kelly Slater, who had led through most of the daylong competition.

The mountainous wave, with a face exceeding 40 feet, exploded at Long's heels and a towering wall of whitewater swept over him like a horizontal avalanche. He received the score on the heaviness factor and the potential consequences if he did not make the drop.

"I'm humbled just  to be in this event," Long said afterward of a competition that honors a legendary North Shore waterman and is held only on years when truly epic conditions exist.

Long, a regular standout in the yearlong Billabong XXL Big-Wave Awards, caught another wave as the heat drew to a close, for a lesser score, but it was enough to give him a 10-point lead over Slater in the best-four-scores format.

Waimea was at its earth-shaking best, with the swell holding most of the day and pulsing even larger toward the end of the competition, which featured literally dozens of remarkable rides, but also breath-taking wipeouts, broken boards and the world's elite big-wave surfers thrilling crowd of thousands by charging all the way into the 15-foot shore break.

This marks only the eighth time in 25 years the Aikau contest was held. Slater, who has an unprecedented nine ASP World Tour titles, won the Aikau event in 2002. Bruce Irons, who finished fourth Tuesday, was the defending champion after winning in 2004. Sunny Garcia, a former world champion, was third.

– Pete Thomas

1955 Plymouth Savoy


This is my 55 Mopar. It has a well built 353 with a 350 turbo tranny, bagged, shaved, slammed, and bald. She gets off the line plenty quick with a lot of torque. I plan on doing a few 1/8 mile drag races in the near future. Just need a new set of rear tires:) I have been tinkering with this car for the past 6 years. I found it out in Lakeside for $2,000 bucks. It was a nasty lip stick red, ran like crap, smelled like shit, and the steering wheel popped off on me on the freeway the first month I had it. Many hours and pesos later here she is. And yes that is the final color. You either get it or you don't.




Healey’s 9’8


This is the board Mark Healey  rode a monumental wave with Shane Dorian  at Waimea December 6, 2009. They were both nominated for an XXL on that wave. Sorry. I don't have any rights to the photo to post but most of you know the wave I am talking about. I took this picture in front of my cabin in Mammoth. I was heading to give this board to Healey in Nor Cal.


Coming soon


We'll keep you up to date on where to get you some crisp threads.


Thoughts on a Quiver NYC 2006

Surfboards designed for deception.

Rogan Gregory came up with ideas for the glass jobs and Chris shaped them, and there was a party at the store to celebrate.